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A Mindshifting Collaborative Experience!

The Black Women’s Collective Leadership Breakfast is designed to nurture high-performing women leaders who place a premium on personal development and focus on the big picture: they want to become better leaders in their careers, families and the causes to which they are committed. The content is carefully curated around Felicia’s proprietary 6 Shifts Method and anchored in experiential learning through three distinct pillars:


To ensure full integration of the learning experience, we invite and encourage participants to join us in our Brand Leadership Academy. BLA is our monthly leadership development and mentoring program anchored around the six shifts and twelve leader agilities necessary for success in a rapidly changing work environment. The agilities are rooted in inside-out development that tap into the inner core of character strengths. This creates sustainable change that instills inner confidence, clarity and creativity. As a result, you become more engaged, driven and find more meaning in your work. Those who enroll during the event receive special incentives and perks.

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