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A Mindshifting Collaborative Experience!

The Black Women’s Collective Leadership Breakfast is designed to nurture high-performing women leaders who place a premium on personal development and focus on the big picture: they want to become better leaders in their careers, families and the causes to which they are committed. The content is carefully curated around Felicia’s proprietary 6 Shifts Method and anchored in experiential learning through three distinct pillars:


To ensure full integration of the learning experience, we invite and encourage participants to join us in our ELEVATE Inner Circle. ELEVATE is a high-performance leadership collaborative for success-driven women who are ready to break away from the pack of mediocrity and commit to leading beyond their comfort zone in order to bring their most ambitious dreams to life. It’s a carefully curated experience designed to push you further into your zone of genius, make the invisibility of your brilliance visible and support you in producing measurable results as a sovereign leader. We look forward to welcoming you to ELEVATE with us.

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