Nothing Trumps the Influential Power of a Well-Branded Female Leader!

The Leadership Branding Masterclass is a unique leadership development opportunity for women who have a commitment to personal growth and have a deep desire to lead beyond average. The program is designed to help you elevate your Vision, Voice & Visibility by focusing on the three core areas that make up a powerful brand: Reputation, Relationships & Results.  It's based upon Felicia’s proprietary branding process and it includes seven modules designed to help women get unraveled from five critical blind spot areas that compromise their ability to reach their full leadership potential.


  • Identity Crisis: Get clear on your messaging that projects an image that supports your desired level of leadership.
  • Voice Confusion: Learn to communicate with authority in your area of expertise in order to be seen as an influential leader.
  • Visibility Paralysis: Get rid of the imposter syndrome that is compromising your ability to be seen as a value-driven leader.
  • Lack of Active Brand Ambassadors: Unlock key relationships necessary to help move your agenda forward.
  • Credibility and ROI Crisis: Eliminate commodity treatment by learning how have credibility-building conversations that demonstrate your unique value proposition.

Below is What You'll Learn In the Course

Module #1 Brand Identity

This week will be focused on helping you understand how to fully leverage the results from your leadership branding assessment. You will also solidify your legacy navigation points that will guide every decision you make.

Module #2 Brand Brilliance

This week is focused on getting clear on your Ideal Audience Profile, Personas and Statement of Transformation that makes you a magnet to the people you are meant to serve.

Module #3 Brand Voice

What are you declaring as a leader in your industry? This is the week that you'll get crystal clear on it because this is why people choose you over your competitors. You'll also learn the step-by-step process for choreographing your signature story.

Module #4 Brand Magnetism

You'll learn the art of influence and persuasion by unearthing  your brand equity across multiple scenarios. This will arm you with what you need to confidently articulate and demonstrate your value, eliminate commodity treatment and ask for and get paid what you're worth.

Module #5 Brand Loyalty

In order to create Brand Loyalty, you must relationships with the right people. You'll learn how to move from expert to adviser and develop a Relational Powerbase of key influencers who can help you move your agenda forward. You will establish your thought-leader platform and exactly how and where you'll share your expertise.

Module #6 Brand Visibility

You'll develop your marketplace influence both internal and external to your organization with a 90-Day Rapid Breakthrough Project that elevates you to your next level. The Leadership Elevation & Ascension Plan will be designed to support your ultimate vision as a leader.

Build Your Leadership Brand by Design Not Default

Receive access to a one-time online self- assessment that increases self-knowledge and self-awareness by helping you identify and understand your leadership archetype and character strengths. This allows you to see yourself through the same lens that others see you. Profoundly different than other personality assessments, you will learn that you’re not a type and that we all Tilt in various ways to adapt to contexts. The assessment allows you to breakthrough your own self-imposed glass ceiling by quieting the inner critic and strengthening your self-concept. It includes a 30+ page report that provides a comprehensive review of results which will allow you to implement strategically sound improvements to take your leadership to the next level.

The One-Page Executive Playsheet

There is no magic bullet for today’s business realities, but there is a simple, powerful tool that can get you and your team grounded, and focused on what really matters.

The One-Page Executive Playsheet allows you to capture eight key areas that every leader needs to consider on a single page. You will use this tool to stay focused on your most important priorities as a leader.

It will become a living document that you use for the remainder of your professional life!

Yes…it’s that powerful!

What Our Clients Say...

Dr. Felicia Durden

Prior to working with Felicia I had interviewed for this job two times to no avail and when it came open again, I knew that I really needed to focus on clarifying my passion and skills.

After just two Power Sessions with Felicia, I was able to confidently secure my dream job and gain a better perspective on my goals and assets. Felicia skillfully guided me through the process.

Dr. Felicia Durden Principal, Cartwright Elementary School
Terri Babineaux

Felicia’s words of wisdom and step-by-step systems have definitely inspired me to get into action and to lead with purpose! Putting what I learned to use has allowed me to survive 3 rounds of staffing cut-backs and increased leverage and influence within my company. The tools and strategies that Felicia provides helped me to stay focused, in action and getting results- at a much faster pace that I could have ever done on my own.

Terri Babineaux Systems Engineer
Trineka Greer

Felicia is dynamic, informative, thoughtful, and intuitive. She has developed coaching systems, but she also has the unique ability to quickly get to know you, understand your needs, and develop a customized coaching plan that will equip you with the tools you need to excel in your career and business. She has helped me navigate my career journey with great success

Trineka Greer Communications Director

The Benefits of Your Participation

  • Clarity and confidence in how to effectively and consistently communicate your value proposition
  • An in-demand leadership brand that gets you recognized, remembered and recommended for the projects you most desire
  • Compelling communication that allows you disrupt the status quo and influence decisions
  • Clearly defined leadership declarations that elevates your authority an demonstrates what you are a stand for
  • An Irresistible Value Proposition that makes you like a magnet to those you need to influence
  • Create a communication strategy that raises your profile while increasing your credibility and visibility.
  • Your signature story that connects, captivates and inspires your audience to take action
  • Eliminate commodity level conversations that place you in a sea of sameness among your peers
  • Identify key quantifiable measures that position you as a high-performer, allow you to perform inside of the gap and increase your impact and influence
  • Carefully curated Brand Equity statements that command respect and demonstrate your value and how you produce results.
  • Pinpoint the exact activities that can be tied to profitability within your organization and ultimately result in more income for you.
  • Design a bankable leadership brand strategy that anchors your success both on and off the job.

Register by Friday, August 19th to receive these bonuses


The Communication Mastery Program

$397 Value

No matter what your role is, good communication is absolutely key to success. And “verbal” communication skills are some of the hardest to master! All these skills are required for every leader both in and outside of organizations.  This signature program is a self-paced training program with all the content, tools and resources you need to make become an influential communicator.

Includes Course Workbook and Modules

  • Listening – The Most Important Communication Skill 
  • Business Communication – Asking Questions 
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback the Constructive Way 
  • When Words Collide – Communicating in a Conflict
  • How to Present an Excellent Webinar  
  • Presenting Live the Painless Way
  • Quality Content Creation – Interviewing an Expert
  • Tips on Being Interviewed


Private Strategy & Implementation Session

$997 Value

This is a 1-hour private consulting session by phone with Felicia to finalize the details of your execution plan.


Are scholarships available?

Yes! We believe in offering all women the opportunity to brand her brilliance.

We hold a video-based scholarship contest during our primary enrollment period. Winners are chosen based on authenticity, clarity and creativity. We also offer a limited number of scholarships to social profit organization leaders.

The bi-annual 10-Day Brand Your Brilliance Challenge is an accelerated, dynamic and exciting experience that inspires you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. As long as you’re on the list at, you’ll be notified of the scholarship details, dates, and participation guidelines.

About Your Trainer


Felicia Davis is an award-winning consultant, speaker, trainer and author of the book, The Leadership Mastery Formula. She helps organizations improve engagement, productivity and the bottom line by focusing on the people behind the performance. She works with emerging and experienced women leaders to help them develop more effective leadership brands, more compelling communication skills and the confidence to show up and lead with radical integrity.

With an unwavering belief that nothing trumps the influential power of a well branded female leader, Felicia is the founder and producer of The Women & Power Symposium, a one-day leadership development experience designed specifically to help women recognize and eliminate self-imposed barriers and blind spot behavior that keep them stuck. Felicia has been recognized as a quiet hero for her philanthropic endeavors.

Your Purchase Is 100% Risk Free!

Enjoy my Risk-Free 30-Day Performance Guarantee

This course is the culmination of my 20+ years of in-the-trenches experience helping to co-create winning leadership brands for hundreds of leaders throughout many organizations like Encad, Kodak, T-Mobile & The City of Phoenix. 

I am so confident that LBM will help you do the same that I'm including a risk-free, 30-day performance guarantee. If you do the work in Modules 1 and 2, and feel that LBM is not providing the results I promised, simply turn in the work to me before 30 days after the date of purchase, and I’ll refund your entire purchase price.

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