I Help You Get Noticed, Known & Called Upon Without Being Overworked, Overwhelmed or Needing to Change Who You Are.

I have a profound belief that great leadership starts with personal transformation.

My personal experience as a former HR Executive with more than two decades of in-the-trenches experience is what informs my proprietary process for helping you brand your brilliance in a way that pulls you from a sea of sameness. Helping you execute through values-driven, sustainable leadership that does not require code-switching, compromising or censoring your voice is my primary agenda.

My vision keeps me energetically inspired and guides and governs my work — transforming the lives of women leaders who are ready to revolutionize the way they lead.

If you're ready to brand your brilliance, improve your communication skills and accelerate your ability to influence the world around you, it starts with understanding the current gaps within your brand

I invite you to discover the strength of your leadership brand with my complimentary Brand Clarity Scorecard. In under 60 seconds, discover your leadership brand score and get the clarity necessary to fully understand what your brand is saying about you...
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In the Words of Our Blessing
A group of unicorns is known as “a blessing.” And so are our clients.

“Felicia is truly like a stroke of genius! She has been given the responsibility to pull women together and wake us up into being who we’re supposed to be as leaders. I’m grateful for her gift.”


“You are a great coach and facilitator. This experience was accelerated, but it had a lot of depth and you made it enjoyable with your words of encouragement and support.”


”Before working with Felicia, I was emotionally stuck which caused me to be professionally stuck. Although I projected confidence and poise on the outside, inside I was insecure and afraid to take risks. The inner work that I did throughout our journey has been very cathartic and cleansing because I have been able to break free from the shackles of fear and insecurity. This program truly liberated me from a lot of baggage that had been weighing me down for years and keeping me stuck in a rut. Now I feel so much lighter, liberated and empowered!”

Adrienne Brown – Corporate Leader

”I am forever grateful for my work with Felicia and will never forget the awakening I experienced in the process. Before our work started, I lacked focus, clarity, consistency and I learned that I was hiding out in fear of being an imposter. Now I am very clear about my vision, mission, and values and I understand that my leadership requires me to be visible. Felicia is the TRUTH when it comes to Branding Your Brilliance. Thank you Felicia for over delivering!”

Dvina Lyons – Educator and Speaker


Honestly, it’s because I’ve been where you’re heading. I vividly remember the early days in my HR career when my deep introversion cost me not 1, 2 or 3 but 4 job opportunities that I really wanted. I was a great performer, but I didn’t show up with the level of passion and gravitas that some of my peers did and as a result, I would be ignored and overlooked for great opportunities. I wasn’t visible enough to be seen as valuable and I had not developed my leadership voice in a way that would allow me to be heard, respected and chosen.

After being fed up with seeing less qualified and less skilled people be chosen over me, I realized that I was neglecting to focus my efforts in the three areas that mattered most: VisionVoice & Visibility. I also had a very interesting revelation that while you absolutely must always deliver excellence, what gets you chosen over your peers is being masterful at packaging, positioning and delivering what you do in a way that disrupts patterns and creates a burning desire for change.


I was promoted from HR Assistant to HR Generalist 6 years later I earned my seat at the Executive table.

AND… I never had to ‘job hunt’ again.
It was all because of the power of my leadership brand and I want the same for you.

Are you ready to step into your next level of success?

Learning how have the Money Talk and negotiate
with confidence, ease and grace is the ultimate path to getting paid well.

This is all about the presence of your unique brilliance,
how you distill your distinction and demonstrate your
value in a way that helps others understand how you help them win.

Your Philosophy and well-articulated Point of View
related to your industry or endeavor is what
informs your leadership identity and primary narrative.

Your Big Idea around the change you want to make is
what seizes people’s attention and loyalty and it’s centered
around the new power construct that gets you noticed, known & called upon.

Mental fitness is necessary to manage negative thought habits and patterns that live deep in your unconscious and derail your performance and overall happiness. This is critically important because the way you think influences the way you lead. Since the brain is the control center of our human experience, when you commit to mastering your mind, you’ll get in the driver’s seat of flipping the script on limiting beliefs rather than allowing negative thoughts to hijack your confidence, performance, and ability to lead well.