2016 is looking to be the year of massive opportunities for women. Not only must we be ready to respond to them, we must also be ready to adapt for them.


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If the opportunity feels like too much of a stretch, you’ll find yourself being trapped by fear and falling prey to what’s known as the Imposter Syndrome. The Imposter Syndrome is most prevalent among women causing us to have feelings of inadequacy even though past results say otherwise. In the book The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women, Dr. Valerie Young shares that high-achieving women we admire like Tina Fey, Sheryl Sandberg and the late Maya Angelou have all admitted to feeling like an imposter at some point during their careers.

My challenge for you as we move into 2016 is to start asking different and more compelling questions of yourself and others. The next time you’re presented with an opportunity, instead of asking, “Do I have what it takes to do it?”, it’s far more productive to ask

“What does this particular situation require of me?” 

If you have a big vision for how you want to show up in lead in 2016, but you need support with execution, join me at my next Leadership Branding Intensive on Saturday, January 30th.  Elevate360 is a one-day creative think tank designed to help six emerging and experienced women leaders design a game-changing leadership brand in 2016.


Key components of the day include:

A proprietary Leadership Branding Assessment
A structured and proven process to guide our day
Elevate360 Playbook

What we’ll cover:
(we’ll go deep in these five core areas where women struggle most)

You feel really uneasy about what you’re putting out there as your leadership brand and messaging.  You are not getting the recognition and respect you deserve and you’re not projecting an image that supports your desired level of leadership.

You have not been communicating with authority in your area of expertise and it’s impacting your ability to be seen as an influential leader.

You are laying low and staying on the sidelines and this is preventing you from being respected for the value of your contribution.

You have not developed key relationships with people who will help move your agenda forward.

You’re unable to articulate your value proposition in a way that prevents commodity treatment and compensates you very well.

Why attend:
Leverage my 20+ years as an HR Executive with in-the-trenches experience*
Connect and collaborate with a group of like-minded women leaders
Generate new ideas to increase your credibility and position
Brainstorm in an intimate, creative environment
Get a clear vision and strategic plan for your brand
You’re ready to take your brand to the next level!

*After spending more than two decades as a Human Resources Executive, it’s quite possible that I have personally experienced and worked with women with similar challenges as you. This experience (not theory) allows me to intimately know what’s required for you to succeed at navigating the organizational landscape. 


 Is Elevate360 right for you?

There are five spots remaining so if this sounds like something you’re interested in, let’s have a brief conversation to ensure it’s a fit with what you’re hoping to accomplish and more importantly, I’m the right person to help you.

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“My work with Felicia gave me the strategies I needed and the confidence necessary to position myself to be chosen over my competitors!”

I received a clear sequence of learning modules related to everything I needed to know about getting respected and rewarded for my work. Felicia had an incredible way of helping me see and understand the big picture and breaking it down into a smaller, more tangible way for me to connect it to my work. All of her assignments were actionable with an immediate impact!  -Malissa Green