4 Key Imperatives to Lead with Radical Integrity

without Sacrificing Your Sovereignty, Sanity or Success

Tuesday, February 22nd . 12pm Eastern

The pandemic sparked an unexpected shift into what we now know as The Great Resignation and yes, having power is great but knowing how to strategically wield it is even better.

Before you say Yes to your next bold move, come hang with me at the 4 Key Imperatives Masterclass where we will dive deeper into this elevated conversation, and also cover: 

==> How to dodge the 4 BIGGEST mistakes I made on my path from HR Assistant to HR Executive

==>A step-by-step game plan that success-driven women use to navigate their careers with flexibility and freedom, instead of being trapped by the 'go-to' girl syndrome that ultimately compromises their success.

==>How to get unraveled from the four boxes of conformity that keep you stuck and stifled while wreaking havoc on your credibility and authority as a leader.

==>How to break through your inner glass ceiling and reclaim your power to lead.

==>AND how to do all of this so that you build an in-demand brand and reputation while working less, nourishing yourself more, and finally have the lifestyle you crave, desire, and deserve.

Ready to lead with influence and impact without sacrificing your success?

If you've read this far, I'll assume that's a Yes!

I'll be breaking everything down in one convenient masterclass and all you have to do is clear your calendar now and register below.

Ready to lead with impact & influence without sacrifice?


Meet Felicia.

My name is Felicia Davis and I’m a former HR Executive turned Author, Speaker, and Brand Strategist. I am on a mission to eradicate the under-valuation of Black women executives and leaders.

Leaders engage me when they've reached a career plateau and they’re ready to elevate their vision, amplify their voice and scale their visibility.


My more than two decades of in-the-trenches corporate experience have shown me that the best leaders are incurable learners with an insatiable appetite for ongoing development. They relentlessly pursue ways to stretch their mind, broaden their experience and improve their results.




Because they want to free themselves from feeling overwhelmed, overworked and undervalued and they’re ready to develop a more effective leadership brand, more compelling communication skills, and the confidence to show up and lead with radical integrity.


All leaders have a Superpower and mine is helping you lead beyond your comfort zone so that you can brand your brilliance in a way that rewards you with the recognition, respect, and pay you desire and deserve.


After spending more than two decades as a Human Resources Executive, it’s quite possible that I have personally experienced and worked with leaders with similar challenges as you. This experience, not theory, allows me to know intimately what you need to succeed at navigating the organizational landscape.

My commitment is a partnership that shields you from being the bottleneck to your success so that you can take your career to the next level.

Yep, I'm all in!