When it comes to women in the workplace, 

Black women have it worse.

“Women are having a worse experience than men.
Women of color are having a worse experience than white women. And Black women in particular are having the worst experience of all.”

The State of Black Women in Corporate America (Lean In)

Black Women's Equal Pay Day is September 21, 2022 and unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic pushing women into part-time or seasonal work or out of the workforce altogether, Black women have lost even more ground.

Black women are paid only 58 cents for every dollar white men make.

We've got some serious work to do if we want to flip that script, and The Black Women's Collective stands ready to face the challenge head on with our 4th Annual Black Women's Equal Pay Day Symposium!

We are behind the scenes with some of our corporate partners planning an amazing experience for this year. Not only do we want you and your voice in the room but we also want to know what matters most to you. Drop your contact details below to be added to the Priority Notification List and be sure to complete the quick survey that follows to give us some insight that will help us curate the agenda.


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