To help you Brand Your Brilliance!

For Black Corporate or Entrepreneurial

Women Leaders who are Ready to Seize the Opportunity to be Recognized, Respected & Paid Well.

Over the course of 10 weeks, I’m going to help you understand how to brand your brilliance using my
signature branding methodology… and ensure you leave with a plan you can implement….

Let’s Brand Your Brilliance, Sis!

The Brand Your Brilliance Course is a methodology that I developed eight years ago.
It synchronizes all the parts that create the magic of a magnetic and in-demand brand.

I want you to implement this method, because of it’s power, potency and ability to
separate you from the sea of sameness and place you in a category of your own.



Most people get overwhelmed by the small nuances need hands on instruction AND a plan they can work.

Now, in the full spirit of Truth & Transparency…

I may want to work with you, either in my brand incubator or my private mentorship program. 

However, I am clear that… 

When you understand how something will work for you, your certainty is sealed and your trust in me I solidified.

Which is why I’ve developed…

The Brand Your Brilliance Course is a 10-week brand-building intensive. It’s a carefully curated and engaging personal development experience that’s equal parts heart + strategy. It’s designed to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to solidify the foundation of your brand.

During our 10-weeks together, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know for branding your brilliance with elegance, ease and grace, in the most detail I ever give publicly outside of any of my higher end and private mentoring programs.

By the end of this workshop, across 10 weeks, you’re going to learn 3 core and very important things:

1). Intimate knowledge and understanding of one of the most effective positioning methods that can be used to leverage your brilliance.


2). You’ll be equipped with a plan and a proven process that you can refer back to whenever you lose your brand-building way or just need a reminder to keep you on course.  


2). You’ll learn how to thrive in uncertain times.  

I’ve developed this so I can create a level of understanding, direction, clarity and certainty for you and how you show up as a leader.

Because, securing the bag will always be a challenge if you’re without a method for properly positioning who you are and what you do… and you’re guaranteed to…

Stay stuck on the hedonic treadmill, each and every month…
You have the inability to grow, easily…
You can’t hire or delegate because you’re afraid…
You hate the peaks and valleys of revenue (and profit)...
Your mental acuity is compromised and you can’t make good choices…
And it’s easy to become an emotional wreck making the decisions at the wrong time.

Plus, you know because you look around and see that there’s an intellectual, proven way that doesn’t involve sacrificing your sovereignty, sanity or self-care.

More than anything else, I want you to Rise Up into the fullness of who you are and know that You Are Worthy. 

After branding my brilliance, taking my own career from HR Assistant to HR Executive AND helping countless others do the same…

I know how good it feels to have the Clarity, Confidence and Certainty necessary to get and stay in the driver’s seat of my career.

And, the same is possible for you.

I’ve proven it…

In Her Own Words…

Read what these leaders had to say.

Felicia is truly like a stroke of genius! She has been given the responsibility to pull women together and wake us up into being who we’re supposed to be as leaders. I’m grateful for her gift.

Artist, Author & Founder 
Blueprint for Womanhood

You are a great coach and facilitator. This experience was accelerated, but it had a lot of depth and you made it enjoyable with your words of encouragement and support.

Professor, Career Strategist & Founder RL Sanders & Associates

The value I received from the deep, thought-provoking worksheets helped to maneuver me from uncertainty to clarity. Joy, relief, clarity and renewed confidence are the rewards of this work and life-changing experience!

Corporate Executive & Founder
Living Emerald Jayne

This is your invitation to join me on a 10-week journey to solidifying the foundation of your brand…

which right now, is only $997.

Here’s a sneak peek into the weekly agenda….

Week 1
Looking In the Mirror of
Full Ownership

Week 2
Get Unhooked from the
Four Boxes of Conformity

Week 3
Crack & Create Your
Radical Honor Code

Week 4
Unlock Your Sovereign

Week 5
Bring Your Story Out of
The Shadows

Week 6
Clarify Your Thought-
Leader Message

Week 7
Power, Presence &

Week 8
Unpack the Impact of
Your Brilliance

Week 9
Decode Your Brand ROI
& Value Accelerators

Week 10
Power Script Your Ask &
90-Day Ascension Plan

The Weekly Rhythm…

You likely already have an idea around what you need to do to tighten up your brand, and I’m going to
show you some of the small behind the scenes nuances that make all the pieces fit together.

Each week includes a short and easily digestible leadership
lesson, a Playsheet and a Challenge designed to help you:

• Solidify the foundation of your brand
• Unearth your star power
• Strengthen your communication skills
• Position your brand to win


• Status-quo kicking exercises to help you lead from your edge
• Integration tools to help cement and synthesize what you learn
• A private community that will support you in your brand-building process
• The courage, confidence, and clarity to lead more powerfully

PLUS…you’ll get access to recorded Group Mentoring Calls throughout the course to help
you work through any roadblocks. Listen in as I coach other students through their
challenges and learn to break through your own.



Honestly, it’s because I’ve been where you’re heading and I remember the early days in my HR career when my deep introversion cost me not 1, 2 or 3 but 4 job opportunities that I really wanted. Being the introvert that I am, I was a quiet leader who performed exceptionally well and while my performance served me well to an extent, I eventually became stuck and unable to move to the next level. The problem was while I was a great performer, I didn’t show up with the level of passion and gravitas that some of my peers did and as a result, I would be ignored and overlooked for great opportunities. I wasn’t visible enough to be seen as valuable and I had not developed my leadership voice in a way that would allow me to be heard, respected and chosen. The harsh reality I had to face was that while the company was benefiting from my expertise, I was literally being treated like an easily replaced commodity. Luckily, I wasn’t too far into my career before I ‘woke up’ and realized that not being respected and compensated for my value was nobody’s fault but my own. Ouch!

After being fed up with seeing less qualified and less skilled people be chosen over me, I realized that I was neglecting to focus my efforts in the three areas that mattered most: ReputationRelationships & Results. I also had a very interesting revelation that while you absolutely must always deliver excellence, what gets you chosen over your peers is being masterful at packaging, positioning and delivering what you do in a way that disrupts patterns and creates a burning desire for change. This is when it became crystal clear to me that developing my communication and leadership skills were the two things that would help me get out of my own way and more importantly get me unstuck.


I was promoted from HR Assistant to HR Generalist 6 years later I earned my seat at the Executive table.

AND… I never had to ‘job hunt’ again.
It was all because of the power of my leadership brand.

More Real Results from Our Past Participants

”I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Leadership Challenge! It was pivotal for me in founding and branding TRIBE Authentic Woman.  I am forever grateful for my work with Felicia and will never forget the awakening I experienced in the process. Before our work started, I lacked focus, clarity, consistency and I learned that I was hiding out in fear of being an imposter. Now I am very clear about my vision, mission, and values and I understand that my leadership requires me to be visible. Felicia is the TRUTH when it comes to Branding Your Brilliance. Thank you Felicia for over delivering!”

Dvina Lyons – Educator and Speaker

Tribe Authentic Woman

”Before BYBC, I was emotionally stuck which caused me to be professionally stuck. Although I projected confidence and poise on the outside, inside I was insecure and afraid to take risks. The inner work that I did throughout the BYBC journey has been very cathartic and cleansing because I have been able to break free from the shackles of fear and insecurity. This program truly liberated me from a lot of baggage that had been weighing me down for years and keeping me stuck in a rut. Now I feel so much lighter, liberated and empowered!”

Adrienne Brown – Corporate Leader

As a result of participating in BYBC, I have a clearer idea of my personal brand story, the subtle nuances and changes in the story as a result of personal growth since the last time I participated. I also have the tools I need to get focused on building my brand in a higher way as I head into 2017. Thank you again, Felicia, for creating this!! Amazing, excellent and professional as always!”

Tonika Breeden – Corporate Leader,
Author & Speaker

“Before enrolling into this program, I definitely was not playing a big enough game. The value I received specifically was learning about the 4 boxes and challenging myself to get out of the one that I was in, designing feedback vehicles for ROI and profitability as well as of the process of sorting through my life experiences to create my Life Story. This process was very useful and having this new tool in my empowerment and transformational tool kit was invaluable.”

Dr. Joel Martin – Speaker

  Consultant & Global Trainer

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The Black Women’s Collective was founded by Felicia Davis as a carefully curated community of conscious thought-leaders and industry experts working collaboratively to help Black women crack the code of leadership success. Our range of leadership training, educational programs and events are tailored to serve, support and elevate you on your leadership journey. Why? Because studies consistently confirm that while Black women are smart, driven high-performers, 44% feel that their career is stalled. This becomes a losing battle when you couple this with the fact that Black women also suffer from lack of comfortable, trusted, strategic relationships necessary to ascend to higher levels within the organization. Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, this is a universal issue for Black women and we’re committed to flipping the script and helping to eradicate anything that stands in the way of you making your next bold move.

FREE TRAINING: 3 Power Shifts to Step Boldly into Your Leadership, Unmask Your Brilliance Without Sacrificing Your Sovereignty, Sanity or Self-Care

Learning how have the Money Talk and negotiate
with confidence, ease and grace is the ultimate path to getting paid well.

This is all about the presence of your unique brilliance,
how you distill your distinction and demonstrate your
value in a way that helps others understand how you help them win.

Your Philosophy and well-articulated Point of View
related to your industry or endeavor is what
informs your leadership identity and primary narrative.

Your Big Idea around the change you want to make is
what seizes people’s attention and loyalty and it’s centered
around the new power construct that gets you noticed, known & called upon.

Mental fitness is necessary to manage negative thought habits and patterns that live deep in your unconscious and derail your performance and overall happiness. This is critically important because the way you think influences the way you lead. Since the brain is the control center of our human experience, when you commit to mastering your mind, you’ll get in the driver’s seat of flipping the script on limiting beliefs rather than allowing negative thoughts to hijack your confidence, performance, and ability to lead well.