When It Comes to Success, Absolutely Nothing Trumps the Influential Power of a Well-Branded Female Leader!

We are living in volatile and uncertain times that requires bold leaders at every level! More & more women are at the forefront leading the way as we continue navigating into the new normal. Unfortunately, the unemployment fueled by the pandemic has impacted black women the hardest. Now is the time to either reinvent, recalibrate or fully reposition how you are showing up as a leader. Your leadership must be steeped in a bold Vision, a compelling voice, and strategic visibility that works together to amplify your transformative power and influence.

In spite of all the chaos and uncertainty, there are two things you must remember:

1. ALL TURBULENCE IS TEMPORARY and our ancestors have shown us that we can endure turbulence, weather storms and solve big problems.

2. EVERY SEAT NEEDS A LEADER AND EVERY ROOM NEEDS SOMEONE TO LEAD. Now more than ever, it's incredibly important that you're able to confidently articulate and demonstrate why any project, function or anyone should be led by you. Anything less places you at risk and sitting in the seat of mediocrity.


The Brand Your Brilliance Workshop (BYBW) is a 10-day mini brand-building program. 2020 marks the seventh year since inception and we continue to offer it because the results are amazing and it works! BYBW is a carefully curated, accelerated, and engaging personal development experience that’s equal parts heart + strategy. It’s designed to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to solidify the foundation of your brand.

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The workshop starts on July 20th...AND given everything happening with COVID19, we're giving you a test drive of the course with complimentary access to Day 1 which is entitled Your Life Has Been Interrupted. It's a very powerful exercise that will ground you for the recalibration necessary to navigate into the new normal with courage, confidence and clarity.

“I have the tools I need to get focused on building my brand in a higher way as I head into another year. Thank you again, Felicia, for creating this!! Amazing, excellent and professional as always!"

Tonika Breeden, Corporate Leader, Author & Speaker

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