Coaching & Consulting for Corporate & Non-Profit Women Leaders

My job is to help you deliver peak performance and master your role as a leader through coaching and consulting.

My clients value the fact that I don’t coach from on a pedestal, from a Ted Talk, or cookie cutter approach, but from an in the trenches perspective that allows me to meet you where you are. We address your real situations as they arise and I’m available to discuss your most pressing issues as a leader.


I Help You Succeed in the Areas That Matter Most

REPUTATION: My job #1 is to help you become the leader you desire to be that also aligns with the leader your company needs you to be. I act as your success partner in helping you develop a game plan to win over the people you need to influence so that you have their full confidence and trust in your ability to execute and produce results.

RELATIONSHIPS: I help you get clear on the key relationships that you need to develop, nurture and fix in order to clear the path for moving your mutual agendas forward.

RESULTS: I help you to develop pivot points that position you to catalyze results by performing inside of the organizational white space where most of your peers neglect to focus.

The Non-Negotiables About My Style

Confidentiality – Anything we discuss is between you and me. – If we happen to see each other again in a social setting, I will not bring up what we have discussed unless you bring it up first. – If I use something you say to help someone else, I will make it anonymous.

Nowhere to hide policy – I will be straight with you. – I’ll say things others are afraid to say to you. – You may not like it sometimes but only you can distill what is meaningful and isn’t.

Don’t know – This is where the magic happens. – I don’t have a formula for knowing where our conversation will go. I’m sure I’ll be surprised. – You don’t know either. If you do, then there’s nothing for us to talk about. – I only know you based on what you tell me. When I misunderstand you, tell me.

High-intensity conversation – I will not take everything you say at face value. I will listen for deeper meanings, what goes unsaid, desires, fears and feelings. – You can cool off the conversation if you need it.

Before we begin, a long term commitment together will not be considered until we get to know one another enough to know if a partnership and commitment makes sense for us.

Elevate and Enrich, not pacify and please – I am here to enrich you not to please you. I am not here to be your friend or colleague. If looking in the mirror instead of out the window is not your style, I’m not the person for you. However, If you’re ready for a life-shifting conversation that will help you get out of your own way, you are in the right place and we will have fun.

I have a few simple requests of you first . . .

– Be completely honest, because anything else won’t work.

– Know that your life and your work are profoundly important.

– Be excited to talk about things that surprise and move you.