Accelerate your leadership to bold new heights of visibility and growth!

Are you ready to become the recognized leader in your industry? Work privately with me to scope out your full leadership branding process and plan. While I can’t teach you discipline, I can equip you with tools, resources and know-how to position you as the authority in your area of expertise. You’ll leave with what you need to command the recognition, respect and compensation you deserve.

What You Should Expect

You’ll get started the moment you commit by completing a Leadership Branding Assessment. This is a 360-degree process that includes a self-assessment and feedback from your key constituents. The results of your assessment will give me the insight I’ll need to drive the direction of our time together.

All of our work will be informed by the feedback I receive and shaped around my proprietary 7-step leadership branding process that is designed to have you leave with an actionable plan ready for your execution. The plan is designed for you to see results over time as you implement, however you can expect to leave our time together with these valuable outcomes:

Clarity on your next steps and what it will take to step boldly into your next level of success

Confidence to step through fear, leave your comfort zone behind and move forward

Competence necessary to execute your plan with precision

Peace of mind knowing that you now have well-constructed, step-by-step plan that supports your ultimate vision as a leader and change maker

Next Steps…

 Private coaching and consulting isn’t for everyone. Since we will spend an entire day together,
below are my requirements of all private client applicants:

Your Mindset

I put this first because it is THE absolute priority. You must come to our session ready to think expansively and be infused with fresh new insights and strategies to take your leadership to the next level. There is no other way to show up!

Your Money

The investment at this level matches the level of personalized attention and results you will leave with. Part of your L.E.A.P. plan will require you to invest with others (some I recommend because I use them as well) to fully execute on your plan. You decide when to make those investments, but I want to ensure I level set your expectations around the investments you must make in your entire brand building campaign.

Your Mojo

Due to the level from which our work starts, private coaching and VIP Days are not for those aspiring to step into leadership. You should have at least 5 years of experience in either a corporate or non-profit leadership capacity. I do, however have a program that would serve you well and you can get more details here.

What Clients Say…

When I think of Felicia, I think of a woman who is on a mission to help women overcome obstacles that may appear insurmountable. Whether it be in the area of personal development, career or entrepreneurship, Felicia is powerful in her approach to inform and inspire. She is very driven and is passionate about helping women find and put to action the excellence that lies within them.” 

-Stacey Gillette Palmer

“One of the biggest improvements I’ve made is being more assertive and asking for what I want, even if it is help. Before working with Felicia, I would never ask for help or be specific about what I want. In fact, I was ready to give up but now I know everything is possible and I am grateful to Felicia for putting me back on track!” 

-Niki Gee.

“Before working with Felicia, I was emotionally stuck which caused me to be professionally stuck. Although I projected confidence and poise on the outside, inside I was insecure and afraid to take risks. Despite my ability to express myself intelligently and eloquently, I muzzled myself out of fear. Thanks to Felicia, I have found my leadership voice and I am taking a stand for what I believe in. The inner work has helped me to know and leverage my strengths (thanks to a powerful exercise she had me do) and assess my shortcomings in order to make mid-course corrections. I feel much more confident as a leader!” 

-Adrienne Brown

The total investment for your Signature VIP Day is $5,000

 You are responsible for any travel-related expenses.

Payment plans available. 

If the expected outcomes and requirements line up with what you’re ready for, tell me a little about what’s in your heart and head and I’ll be in touch.