Brand Elevation: 7 Powerful Practices to Increase Your Impact, Influence & Income

Consider this simple yet powerful idea: influential leaders show up in a remarkable way infused with part heart and part strategy and this causes people to lean in, pay attention and take action. They’re preemptive in their thought process and focus their attention in the areas that matter most.

As president and founder of Joyful Transformations, Inc., I leverage my 20+ years of in-the-trenches experience as an HR Executive to help you deliver peak performance and master your role as a leader. When you hire me as your speaker, my primary goal is to deliver a fresh, compelling and interactive talk that helps your audience fully embody their role and responsibility as leaders.

In this keynote, workshop or panel discussion, I will help your audience understand the significance and meaning of leadership branding (leadership + communication + powerful positioning), the impact it has on their career and leave them with an actionable blueprint that can be used immediately.


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These practices are for YOU if you are:

1. a high potential individual seeking to move into your next level
2. a leader needing to position and get buy in for your ideas
3. a self-starter ready to make a powerful pivot

These ideas are for your COMPANY if:

1. Team performance is stalling and you need to re-engage them around what’s possible
2. Creativity and innovation among your management team has become stagnant
3. Organizational changes have created a need for a high-performance development initiative

We are living in a VUCA world ripe with constant moments of change, but there is a way to turn the effects of VUCA on its head so that your employees are energized, engaged and performing at peak levels. If you want to disrupt patterns a mediocrity that negatively impact the bottom line, you need a partner with a fresh, new perspective and a proven process that produces results! I welcome the opportunity for a conversation to determine if I’m that partner.

“Your material is very thought-provoking, relevant and helped us crystallize our goal of creating our leadership brands. I plan to work through the book and use the materials in the course of my personal and professional journey. We all agreed that your presentation was one of the best we have had in the two years of our program. Keep up the great work!”

-Alyson Anderson, Chain Account Manager – RNDC


All keynotes and workshops include pre-work and post-work. The pre-work allows us to customize the experience for your audience, ensuring it is relevant, impactful, and actionable. The post-work ensures that the lessons are integrated and offer the audience an opportunity to ask questions, resolve challenges and share best practices.


Many of the organizations I work with want to know the best way to stay connected after an event, a keynote, a workshop, or a consulting project. The Leadership Branding Academy (LBA) is designed to deliver engaging content in a short, easy to digest format that addresses some of the most pressing issues and challenges female leaders face. It’s a web-based system that is updated with new content monthly and also includes live training classes and Q&A sessions.

The LBA is an affordable option for both individuals and corporate clients and I’m happy to share some ideas about how we can provide your team with the mindset, skill sets, and tools to continually improve their performance.