It’s hard to believe that we are midway through the year. This is a time when we think about where we are in relation to our goals and that may lead to resetting goals

or looking for new career opportunities. Perhaps you’re feeling like you need more of a challenge than your current job offers, you may be looking for more stability or you may simply be in transition. Whatever your situation, I’d like to share with you the six things you must have in your Portable Career Portfolio that will make you both marketable and magnetic! We all know that change is always inevitable, but when that change pushes you to want to do something different, you need to position yourself in a way that makes the competition irrelevant. Below is a list of things that you should constantly be filling your briefcase with as you prepare for your next move:

1. A Powerfully Branded Resume that speaks and breathes who you are, what you represent and how you impact results. Your resume should position you as the solution that your target market needs.
2. A Collection of KUDO’s that show full endorsement of the work that you have been doing. When you receive them, they may not seem like a big deal at the moment but trust me when I say they carry their weight in gold and will actually help do some of the selling for you.
3. A running list of Key Accomplishments converted into CARE statements: C = Challenge; A = Action; R = Results; E = Economic Impact to the business.
4. A well-crafted Employment Proposal Template – Ditch the typical cover letter and lead with a sales letter instead. This brings distinction to who you are and shows that you have not only looked at and analyzed the job for the right fit but you also demonstrate exactly what you can bring to the table for that particular job.
5. A One-Page Career Summary that passes the 30-second skim. As you can imagine, recruiters are overwhelmed with the amount of resumes they receive for one job. You need to have a solid one-page sales sheet that grabs their attention and gets your phone ringing.
6. A signature Whitepaper that positions your point of view as well as informs and educates the reader on a hot topic relative to the industry. This sets you up as a subject-matter expert with the skills and experience to address their most pressing problems.
**BONUS** A ‘Perfect Pitch’ Networking Script that you use in conversations while networking. There is no bigger turn off than a desperate networker. This message eliminates sounding desperate and instead you’ll be poised and confident while connecting in a way that gets the ear of the people you need to meet. You’ll pique their interest enough that they’ll genuinely want to know more and welcome the opportunity to introduce you to key decision makers who need what you have to offer.
Adding these things to your career portfolio will place you a few steps ahead of your competition and get you prepared to land a new job or get a ‘more exciting’ one with your current employer.
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